Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick Blogger Tip: Post Date is actually Create Date

I noticed this once before, but it got me again on my prior post... so figured I should pass it on to other users... If you post an entry from a previously saved "Draft", the date of your post will apparently be the date you originally saved the Draft rather than the date you actually posted. This could cause some of your posts to appear out of order... like for me, where my "How long can you live..." post was posted after my "Plane Boarding..." post - but drafted earlier - so their order in my blog was the reverse of what I expected... I sometimes put a post idea in draft form a week before actually posting it - so this is relevant to me.
You can actually change the Post Date of a post... so it's an easy issue to fix... which I'll go do now ;)


Unknown said...

Maybe you can solve another problem for me: back then, when I wrote a post in blogger I didn't actually had to post it right away and it saved on my draft list. Today the posts are automatically saved but not on the list. If you go out of the page, the post is gone and the fannies thing is that it won't let you save it on the list before you post it.

What if I want to write something now and finish it tomorrow? Do I need to leave my browser open? YES!
It's frustrating.


JR said...

Hey Orli,
I may have the answer...
I'm sure blogger shows those saved drafts, as that's how i often remember my worst blog post ideas ;) - by entering a draft with a few words of the idea and then going back later to finish it... I even tested earlier to be sure, and, yes, it shows drafts in the list of posts (when you go to "manage posts").

BUT... Blogger also has this little filter on the list of posts - upper right - to let you see "ALL", "Drafts" or "Published" posts... If you choose "Published", you'll NEVER see your drafts, because our beloved Blogger also remembers your filter selection for the next time you log in!
I'll bet you 4 Shekel (I figure a buck is all this advice is worth ;) that this is the answer...

Unknown said...

Odd.... maybe I never saw it because I never go back to check on the draft list before I finished the post?!

I will try it soon (hmm... maybe even today)

Thank you!! and Shabbat Shalom.