Thursday, September 13, 2007

Office 2.0: what it looks like

These were some notes I made before the conference when thinking about "What is Office 2.0?". I didn't bother trying to mention most of this stuff on my panel, as it seemed over-covered, but thought it was worth putting some of these here for...well... just to put it somewhere (and for dispute or expansion, if you are in the mood). I also didn't focus on the technical characteristics of the tools, but rather some higher-level perceptions of the business environment (not really knowing whether that is useful)...

  • Mobile and Remote
  • Flexible (full-timers, specialized part-timers and contractors)
  • More productive and happier (when working)?
  • [negative point] Too connected - difficult to draw the line between work and home life

  • (ignore the buzzword 'knowledge worker' if you're like me, but still fun to check out acidlabs' view which seems relevant here)
  • Collaborative (available, easy and practical via the technology)
  • Easily procured, standard business services (yes, SaaS)….
  • Self-customized services (yes, a mix of standard and customized)
  • More integration between automated tools to support custom workflows (e.g. human interaction supported through integration with communication tools like sms and email)
  • Collaboration supported as an expected feature (as prevalent as copy/paste is today)
  • Lots of standard services used underneath business-specific apps (e.g. S3, Checkout, etc.)
  • Practical do-it-yourself customizations (via options and integrations, not programming)
  • Less package software installations locally
  • Less custom developed corporate software
Competitive Environment:
  • More competitors
  • Faster pace of innovation
  • Many smaller niche businesses quickly meeting specific vertical needs
  • [negative point] Too many choices for businesses, if that's possible, in the shorter term (until real winners rise to the top)
...maybe all too obvious to justify a blog post... oh well - too late.

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