Monday, March 10, 2008

Digital Culture what?

In February, I was interviewed on a show (which, for you wine enthusiasts, is the equivalent of the second label of Good Morning America) called Good Morning America Now - shown on cable TV and on the web. This was a bit of a tanget for me, but there was definitely some relevance to cloud computing and the intersection of our social lives and the web.

Funny part #1 was to see how sensationalism drives the media. It's clear from the way they framed this story, that it was deemed interesting only due to the snippets of sensationalism which could be drawn from a consumer survey. Funnier part #2 was how they titled me in the first half of the clip... almost Seinfeld-worthy.

Whatever the result, it was really a fun experience...


joeyprimiani said...

Haha, nevertheless - that is really neat!!! Keep up the great work Jonathan! :)

Joey Primiani
Web Designer

JinnaDella16 said...

Hey Hollywood ~ Awesome Interview. Very Cool !

Leslie said...

That's so cool. I love seeing people I know on TV, even if it's just local news.