Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show-n-Tell gadget in honor of GoogleIO

Find out more about this gadget... or, If you see nothing above this message, or you just don't get this whole post... please excuse me and move on to your next critical task for today. ;)


Unknown said...

I love that you find all those innovative uses for a simple spreadsheet :) so refreshing.

ahab said...

Very cool, very, very welcome, and containing only a minute amount of bugs.

The worst was the dreaded gadget-reducing-to-a-line-bug which may be intrinsic to the Gadgets API).

The real bug was that web pages could not be fully scrolled down. This became most apparent when I tested a form and the spreadsheet itself used for my test in the Show-n-tell gadget.

And - maybe not a bug as such, more a limitation - it appeared not possible to apply https (secure http) URLs.

Once these bugs and limitatation are removed this gadget can become the most popular one, if only because of its versatility.

Great work, JR!
(I've waited for a gadget like this a long, long time.)

JR said...

Thanks for the feedback!
Ahab - we've had quite a tough time isolating that "gadget-reduces-to-a-line" bug - I have't seen it in recent releases. Let me know if you have a set of repeatable steps and I'll get others at work to go after it too. Also must look into the https issue - this is why I "release" stuff like this on my personal blog - it just didn't go through the normal release steps yet.
I'm glad you too think it's a pretty versatile gadget - I can think of 100 things to do with it... You've inspired me to get this on our gadget picker (it's not there yet).

Unknown said...

ok, great..
thanks, this can so refreshing!!

Saif said...

Hello Jr,
I am using your show n tell gadget...for charting some a doubt..
When i select a range from where the contents are picked up ,how do i hide the cell description that is coming on top of my chart .
For you reference i am sharing the sheet where i have deployed you gadget.