Thursday, February 8, 2007

The intention of this Blog

Maybe I should have stuck to my original intent to name this blog "A by-product", which, according to wikipedia would define it as a "secondary or incidental product deriving from a manufacturing process or chemical reaction, and is not the primary product or service being produced. A by-product can be useful and marketable, or it can have severe ecological consequences"... Not entirely inappropriate, as the intention of this blog is to be a by-product of other products... to inform and opine and, in some cases educate readers (a deeper form of simply informing) about various web products. Yes, I will likely focus on Google products more than others, a natural consequence of my involvement with those products, but more so due to my belief that there is an extrodinary level of hidden value in many products on the "Google / More" page and Google Business Solutions page (not to mention the advanced usage of search and Ads products). I also believe that non-expert users of the web, including self-employed people and small businesses (and medium-sized, and rather-large-sized businesses) can get tremendous value from many web products if they only knew that the products existed! Just a small amount of information and education and Bam!, they're turned on, wide-eyed and thinking differently about what's possible for them, their friends, their families, their businesses, their employer, their world.

The discovery process seems random - and unfortunately, this blog will likely add to that randomness... but I wanted a place to record and share some thoughts, ideas, methods related to products i know or products i discover... I'll apologize in advance if too many posts relate to Google Docs & Spreadsheets (particularly spreadsheets) - but, again, a natural consequence... and just my extreme connection to the grid as a natural interface to information collection and sharing and presentation... spreadsheets just work for me... ok, 'nuf said.

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