Monday, February 12, 2007

Mashups are like chili...

...anyone can make one, and most of them are pretty good... or, should i say, different... but sort of the same... with only a couple of stand-outs... You get the idea, right? no?
I went to a "chili party" this weekend, which, to me, was really cool... Every one brought a homemade chili dish (note, I didn't say "their favorite chili dish"), and we all voted on the best one and the best name and a few other goofy things...

Now, I really only make chili once a year - for this annual party - but I start with a recipe I find on the web and I touch it up a bit... add some stuff... delete some stuff... give it a cool name... and voila! Chili 2.0 ! This year, i think mine was pretty good... but, really - it was sort of lucky. In fact, most of the chili brought was pretty good!

Well, web mashups are in such an early stage that they seem to follow a similar pattern.
- Easy to make
- Start with something you find on the web.
- Add a few things, delete a few things.
- takes a few hours to make a real one.
- It's pretty good - but you wouldn't make it (or use it) all the time (or even more than once a year).

Soon - when the ingredients and the cooking tools catch up, the best chefs will stand out - as will the best ingredients... for now - have some fun. Make some chili, even if you're not a chef (or a programmer).

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