Friday, March 23, 2007

Reducing the noise

I was on my way to the Under the Radar Conference in Mountain View, CA earlier this week... and an interesting (to me) analogy struck me... Me and this guy next to me both took out our bulky noise-cancellation headphones at the same time... His, the nice Bose set in the fancy zippered hardcase... very cool. Mine, the cheap clone in a pleather bag. Bose or clone, these things really do improve the listening experience - reducing the high level of white noise in the airplane.

It immediately struck me that I need a derivative of these headphones at work! We all do...
The "noise" level is different - it's not sound.. it's every distraction that takes me off my 'must do' list... it's email, meetings, phone calls, simple requests, new ideas, old issues.... Noise all day... If I had a way to remove the noise all day - even for a few hours a day - I might just finish more things and see my to do list (and m inbox) actually shrink rather than grow.

"just block time on your calender"
"lock yourself in a room alone"
"ignore email for a few hours"
yes, yes, yes... i know... but the headphones idea is much more magical... I would even buy Bose version....

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