Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A second life for Second Life stats

In spite of the fact that Second Life won't run on my laptop, I've been watching the space - expecting that one day I'll stop rushing around this First Life just long enough to find a Second Life to rush around in ;) ...

I'm generally interested in how products grow up around other products ("parasitical products" does that sound negative?) and how ad budgets follow (with Adidas and Toyota making news as reported on the GigaOM blog)... so this space is not just ripe for that activity - it's fallen off the tree and begun to (no, not rot) take root.

Anyway - I found this statistical post about the growth of SecondLife on their blog which seemed like a great candidate for using Google Spreadsheets - especially given all the comments on on how people wanted the data in mutliple forms and wanted to view the data on machines without MS-Office. ( It would be great to see the Second Life crew follow the lead of Meta Linden in his (or her?) post which publishes the stats using a google spreadsheet - That spreadsheet link as is looks like:
- which allows anyone to see the data with a quick web link.... But, one of the lesser known features provides immediate access to alternative formats - You can just add &output=xls to the end of the published spreadsheet link to get that spreadsheet in .xls form... or &output=ods to get openOffice format!
The xls link looks like this:
Whaddya say Linden clan?

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