Monday, April 2, 2007

This maps mashup is different, really!

Ok... forget what i said... and slap me if you must... but the Maps API team at Google posted this really cool spreadsheets-to-maps API mashup idea. It really does bring together two of my favorite things (no, not Lobster and Legos) - Spreadsheets and Maps! (how boring does that make me sound?)
The only thing wrong with the demo of Seattle restaurants is that it's missing the Flying Fish! I just don't have the energy to create a push pin map of my own right now... but that's a cop out, 'cause i could do it in a flash with Pamela's Spreadsheet-to-Map wizard!

OK... NOW you can slap the next guy mentioning yet another maps mashup... ;)


JR said...

...and, in case a Googler's word on ease of use isn't enough - check out another opinion and sample here:

David Huynh said...

If you like Timeline, you should check out Exhibit:

There is a way to create an exhibit using Google Spreadsheets, too.