Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy St George's day, all you British Food Bloggers

I just emerged from what felt like one of those 1998 "Neato! look what I found on the World Wide Web!" surfing black holes... Lately, those adventures start with a blog search to see who's posting what using a Google spreadsheet (I know I just lost half of you to "oh no, not again" - but I'll continue for the sake of the remaining 2 readers ;) and tonight I found a really cool food-oriented blog, with a post which contained a link to a spreadsheet which contains links to yet 70+ more blogs - all of which are focused on food... all of which had something to say (15 words or less) about why "english food is not a joke" ... and, this was Sam & Fred's tribute to England's national day, called St. George's day.

Maybe it's my history (I worked in my Mom's gourmet shop and bakery when i was in high school and college summers)... but I was intrigued ... The original blog is really nice, and most of the blog's I linked to (randomly, I might add) from the spreadsheet are quite nice, and, falling right into the trap set by this clever blogger, I grew quite an appreciation for the british (ahem) culinary (cough) scene - 3 words I thought I'd never hear together, no less write myself!

If you're into food and cooking, first of all, dive deep into the blogosphere on this category - it's deep. And check out Beck & Posh's spreadsheet as a cool, concise starting point of links...

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