Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spreadsheet data... See it, Name it, Talk about it.

Trying not to make this a shameless plug is futile... but everyone who knows me will forgive me, knowing my passion as a user outweighs my humility as a product manager ;)

You can Chart! Of course it's not perfect yet... but it sure is easy... and convenient. And, my favorite part is this:

I can embed a chart in my blog! I showed that you can embed data in you blog in an earlier post, and the full instructions are in the Help Pages. Notice too that I've used a double-top-secret-beta feature to turn off the gridlines (described here)

For those of you who dig formulas and have the perpetual desire to do things "right", you can now assign nicknames to cell ranges and use those in formulas. You may have noticed that we've always supported range names imported from an excel spreadsheet, but we never provided a way to create new range names.... now we do (look on the "Formulas" tab).

If you want to leave little love notes for your accountant on the cell which describes your tax refund amount, for example, you can now create Cell Comments - use the right click or the "insert" dropdown to add comments to a cell...

ok... enough talk about the product... I'll stop for now...

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