Thursday, April 5, 2007

Maps for me, my mom, my dad and my sister

No more talk of Mashups... Maps are maps... I always expected to be able to add my own pushpins and my own trails and notes, as should anyone, including my Mom. But I couldn't find the right mashup that did it the way i wanted - and, as my team knows, i couldn't code my own (well, i could, but it pretty much sucked). Luckily, the Google Maps team did the right thing and gave us "My Maps" as an inherent feature of Google Maps. I love maps - and now i can create them and share them... Here's my first attempt, which outlines the state of NJ and highlights great outdoors activity areas (hiking, biking, fly-fishing) - but it's still too sparse - so you should zoom into for now until I map out the whole state (huh!?).
I have to just stop sleeping at this point so i can play with all this stuff...


Unknown said...

Hey Jonathan.

I saw your presentation at the FOWA in London and tried to write to you since then. Is there any way that I can contact you via email? No option that I can see here except to leave you a comment at your blog. (sorry about that)

This is my email:
I'll really appreciate it if you'll get back to me.

Thank you,

Orli Yakuel

Jack said...


Any interest in speaking to a Hedge Fund client of mine. Please call me.

Jack Roth