Saturday, September 1, 2007

See you at the Office 2.0 Conference

Almost a year ago - it was October 10-11, 2006, actually - I participated in the Office 2.0 conference where we (Google) announced the combination of two of our collaborative content creation/editing products: Spreadsheets, which was in Labs at the time, and the Word Processing product formerly known as Writely. Google Docs & Spreadsheets won't even be 11 months old when this year's Office 2.0 conference is held.... which is really just a shocking (to me) reminder of how young this space is.

This year, I'm humbly participating on the opening panel called "What is Office 2.0 and the Future of Work"... Moderated by Om Malik, Founder, GigaOmniMedia and including the following panelists:
Steven Aldrich, VP Strategy & Innovation, Small Business, Intuit
Denis Browne, Vice President, Development, SAP
Danny Kolke, Chief Executive Officer, Etelos
Richard McAniff, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office, Microsoft,
...and, uh...
Me, Product Manager, Google Docs & Spreadsheets (yes, mostly the spreadsheets side), Google

If you're in San Fran next week, check out the conference - or just keep tabs at the conference site... or follow Ismael Ghalimi, the creator of this conference, on his company blog. Last year's event turned out to be a place where I met some incredible people with whom I still stay in close contact... so I have high expectations for this year's event.


Unknown said...

I'll be at Techcrunch20, October 17-18. Is there a change to see you there?

Anonymous said...

JR, will you be adding another word (or two) to Docs & Spreadsheets... or switch to a smarter name? :-)

JR said...

Hi Orli, Not sure yet on attending the Techcrunch conf... I'll check those new dates (assuming it was pushed into october?)...

Hi Zoli, no announcements on this blog... but i know, 'it never hurts to ask' ;)

(to the rest of you, remember, only 4-letter named bloggers ending in 'i' may comment here ;)

Unknown said...

(to the rest of you, remember, only 4-letter named bloggers ending in 'i' may comment here ;)