Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Are you changing your email address again?

If you have an email address with your current ISP (provider of internet connectivity ) - please stop. You are destined to annoy your friends and lose contact with them... Think about it... you move houses to a new town with a new ISP... bye bye old email address... or your phone company or favorite pizza place offers you a better deal on internet servcies - and you don't sign up only for fear of losing that horrible current email address which you've now shared with your whole world of contacts... Your Internet Service provider (Comcast, Verizon, BT, etc) will not give you a free email address if you decide to stop using their services... And, when you do change, PLEASE don't just change your email address to another non-committed email provider...and if you do, PLEASE don't send me your pathetic little "I'm changing my email address from to joe476221@ISPnextYear.yuk". I've received at least two such notices from friends lately - and while I had an easy time explaining why this was not a smart move, I realized that I've seen no marketing to this point from any 'independent' provider of more continuous email services (iow, not associated with your connectivity, like Google, Yahoo, msft).

So - what email address would you want if you could have anything? How about ? Why not come up with your own domain name and then create email addresses for your whole family at that address? I know - "how the heck do you do that?" - well, besides finding a web domain you like that is available, it's actually pretty easy... Of course, my preferred way is the free way - using Google Apps for Your Domain.. I can give more details if the sign-up page isn't speakin' your language... just ask.

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