Thursday, June 21, 2007

media mashup tools do not make me a good producer

Thanks to my friends at GoToWeb20, I have a shortened morning, having spent the last 30 minutes playing with a media mashup tool they discovered by Vuvox. Embedded here is a sample:

It's Flash-based - so the styles they provide have some level of click-interaction while viewing... very slick. I picked a very subtle, hardly-dynamic style for these photos, but there are lots of other styles to choose from... (go ahead - click the flowers... go on... don't be afraid... it's not a banner-ad in disguise...)

If you like that, you should also check out iBloks - also a media mashup and publishing tool, but possibly further along in their product lifecycle than vuvox, with many options for sharing and gadgetry, and even a place for Agencies, Designers and artists to make money with iBloks. Yes Greg, an ecosystem ;) . Another differentiator here seems to be the focus on 3D animated models as the basis for media presentation.

You can just use the free models that they provide as your theme, or go to the "SHOP" tab and use a custom model (Mods), Themes, Music, Photos and Video... You can even create gadgets to share your creations... There's more depth here that I won't get into, as I have no time for a full review (now that I used my time playing ;)

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