Saturday, June 2, 2007

Deadbeat dads = Fisherman?

Someone must have done a study and found that either there are an unusually high number of deadbeat dads who go fishing, or, that fishing is a major cause of responsibility neglect... Knowing how crazy I was about fishing a few years back (but only before having kids... really...) I think the latter is more likely the case...
Anyway - tonight, I needed to buy my fishing license online... and before I could complete the transaction, I was presented with this pop quiz which forced me to answer Yes/No to the following questions:

a) Do you currently have a child-support obligation?
1. Are you in arrears in payment of your child-support obligation?
2. Does the arrearage match or exceed the total amount payable for the past six months?
b) Have you failed to provide any court-ordered health insurance coverage during the past six months?
c) Have you failed to respond to a subpoena relating to either paternity or child-support proceeding?
d) Are you the subject of a child-support related warrant?

Seems that the fishing license is only one of many things a deadbeat dad (I'm assuming "deadbeat parent" is the politically correct term?) is prevented from obtaining... which puts this in pespective... but on its own, it seemed odd... then funny... then sad (gimme a break - I meant sad for the kids! not for the poor dad who can't go fishing now ;)
That said, I'm going fly-fishing tomorrow morning (really).

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Unknown said...

maybe you could be of some help to me.....I am trying to find out if it is "legal" as far as blog/web site regulations, to create your own site on a deadbeat dad (who happens to be my ex-husband)

I use blogger, for example, which I know is run by google- and I can't find any info. regarding restrictions on a site like this.
I tried contacting the FCC, who has not responded to me yet, and am also waiting a response from the sheriff's dept. who issued the warrant for him @2 years ago.

Do you know if something like this is legal to do, for the purpose of trying to get info. as to his location from "the public" instead of law enforcement? Any help you could give me, or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.